Web Hosting Service - Adobe Contribute

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When accessing your web hosting account using Adobe Contribute, please configure the FTP connection to use passive mode.

Tools - ddrescue

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ddrescue is a raw disk imaging tool that "copies data from one file or block device to another, trying hard to rescue data in case of read errors." The application is developed as part of the GNU project and has written with UNIX/Linux in mind.


The attached file(s) is a pre-compiled version of ddrescue suitable suitable for the following platforms:

  • Ubuntu 9.10

E-Mail address management - Recipient White-list

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E-Mail address management - Recipient White-list:


Q: How do I add an e-mail address to my account?  My account is using Mailguard and the Recipient White-list feature is enabled.

A: Access the Queue Management System for your account and follow these steps:

Web Hosting Service - Microsoft Front Page - Publishing

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How do I publish my web site using Microsoft® FrontPage?


For security reasons, our servers do not support FrontPage Server Extensions. We offer two publishing modes that can be used to publish your web site:

E-Mail Spooling Service - What is a WINMAIL.DAT file

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What is a WINMAIL.DAT file?


It's a Microsoft Exchange "feature". Since Exchange supports rich-text email (bold, italic, multiple fonts, etc.), and Internet email doesn't, any email sent from Exchange to a non-Exchange mail reader will contain an Attachment called WINMAIL.DAT. If you use Exchange, you won't see this file, and the message will retain its formatting. However, it can be confusing for those who don't use Exchange and have no use for this file.

To correct this issue on the sending PC:


Why do I get a bounce message from an email I never sent?



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·  Authenticated Dyamic
·  Cache
·  DMZ
·  DNS



Why is your server reporting "failed temporarily: network read error: end of file"?



Why am I receiving duplicate e-mails?


Configure an "Out of Office" auto-response (chi3)

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How to configure an "Out of Office" auto-response for E-Mail Hosting accounts (chi3):


We Answer Your Questions: FAQ

Q: What is the maximum e-mail attachment size?

A: The e-mail servers do not limit the size of individual e-mail attachments. The e-mail servers do impose a 400 MB maximum total message size limit. Individual customers can choose a smaller message size limit. We can also customize the handling of "over-sized" e-mails. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs. A couple of important facts:

1. Attachments are typically encoded in what is called Base64[1]. As a result, the actual length of MIME-compliant Base64-encoded binary data is usually about 137% of the original file size.

2. E-mails often contain both plain text and HTML components. This also increases the overall size of the e-mail.