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We Answer Your Questions: FAQ

Q. Why am I receiving duplicate e-mails

A. This is usually caused by the SMTP session being terminated before our servers receive confirmation that the e-mail message has been delivered successfully. There is a know bug (ID CSCds90792) in some versions of the Cisco PIX firewall that can cause this. If you have a CCO login you view this bug using Cisco's Bug Toolkit.

To correct this issue Cisco recommends either updating the PIX firewall firmware or disabling the mailguard feature using the 'no fixup protocol smtp 25' command.

Please contact us if you need assistance with diagnosing a particular issue.


"In the two years our company has been using ETRN we have not been infected with a single e-mail borne virus. The nominal price paid for their services is, in my opinion, probably the best insurance a Systems Administrator can buy to protect your network."

Hank Taylor, Rocknel Fastener, Inc.