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Kerio Hosted E-Mail Service

Kerio Connect is the award-winning, leading alternative to Microsoft Exchange for businesses and organizations that prefer a simple approach to IT. Kerio Connect mail server brings business-class email, instant messaging, shared calendars, and contact management to more email clients, IM clients, web browsers and mobile devices. With integrated anti-virus, powerful anti-spam, automated backup and web administration interface, Kerio Connect gives businesses everything they need for secure email and messaging in one affordable package.



The pricing for this service starts at $6.00 per mailbox per month  This includes:

  • 5 GB of storage per user.  Additional storage options are:
    • 10 GB of storage per user: $8.25 per user per month.
    • 25 GB of storage per user: $10.75 per user per month.
  • 50 MB maximum SMTP message size - this is the size of the e-mail in transit between systems.  Please see: for more information as to how this relates to attachment size.
  • Multilayer Spam Filtering.
  • Multilayer Virus Protection.
  • Share email, calendars, and public folders across Mac and Windows clients in the same environment.
  • Full-featured web based Kerio Connect Client accessible from Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome.
  • Unmatched mobile device support using IMAP, CalDAV & CardDAV or EAS (Exchange Active Sync). Whether you’re the cutting edge type with the latest Android device, or you’re mainstream using iPhone, or you’re old school using a trusted Symbian-based smartphone, Kerio Connect shines when it comes to mobile device synchronization.
  • Synchronize your data in real-time with direct push. That means your email, calendars and contacts on your mobile device will always be up-to-date with your computer. Kerio Connect takes mobile data synchronization a step further – you can specify which public and shared folders you want synced with your mobile device. Sync even shared calendars and contacts on your iOS device. Exchange & Google can't even do that!
  • Real-time communication and presence with integrated instant messaging server. Full XMPP federation is included.
  • SSL encryption & support for S/MIME enabled clients, including the web based Kerio Connect Client, ensure secure email delivery.
  • Full support for TLS encrypted SMTP transport on both incoming and outgoing e-mail.
  • DKIM authenticate e-mail is included.
  • Versatile user authentication - integrates with Active Directory, Open Directory, or the built-in Kerio user directory.
  • Free migration tools are available.
  • Professional migration services are also available.  These services start at $10.50 per mailbox (with more than 100 mailboxes, If you have less than 100 mailboxes, contact us for a quote).

Optional services included with E-Mail Hosting Service (at no additional charge):

DNS Hosting Service - we can host your domain´s DNS for you.

Optional add-on services available with E-Mail Hosting Service:

Web Hosting Service - we can host your domain's Web site for you.

Please contact us for a personalize quote or to discuss your specific needs.  Custom configurations are also available.

We Answer Your Questions: FAQ

Q: What is the maximum e-mail attachment size?

A: The e-mail servers do not limit the size of individual e-mail attachments. The e-mail servers do impose a 400 MB maximum total message size limit. Individual customers can choose a smaller message size limit. We can also customize the handling of "over-sized" e-mails. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs. A couple of important facts:

1. Attachments are typically encoded in what is called Base64[1]. As a result, the actual length of MIME-compliant Base64-encoded binary data is usually about 137% of the original file size.

2. E-mails often contain both plain text and HTML components. This also increases the overall size of the e-mail.